Loving your Neighbor as Yourself ~ Love Your Enemies By Stephanie Elaine Shiflet aka Tzefira Elaine

I NEVER REALLY STUDIED this subject UNTIL MY Neighbors and my Enemies tried to kill me in January 2021

Loving your Neighbor as Yourself

Love Your Enemies

By Stephanie Elaine Shiflet aka Tzefira Elaine

Leviticus 19:9-18 ~ Matthew 5:43-48, 22:36-40 Mark 12:28-34 
Luke 6:27-36, 10:25-37 ~ John 13:31-35 ~ John 15:10,17 ~ James 2:8-9
Romans 13:8-14 ~ Galatians 5:14

Loving my neighbor as myself really hit me hard last year 2021. I live exactly where Yah sent me to live. I had no idea I was living in the middle of a Coven (Witchcraft) and that all my neighbors (with exception to one couple, our friends, that moved here with us) are all members of this Coven. The Coven decided to assassinate me with a demon last January. Why? Because I love Yehovah and his son Yeshua/Jesus. I walk by the Power of Yehovah carrying the testimony of Yeshua/Jesus. For two years they tried to scare us, stole from us, tried to destroy us and to kill us by other means. There is a lot to this story. I need to write a book!

How do I know it was a demon? From the beginning, Yehovah kept telling my husband it was in my head. Then when he found me on the floor, the witches gave him a vison of our neighbor across the street. Another female voice said “Doesn’t she look peaceful? You know she wants to go to heaven. Just let her go in peace and this one here will take care of you and the farm. My husband said, NO! He was angry at this point and prayed to Father “What is in her head? Fathers answer, “look in her eyes”. He then cupped my head in his hands and looked into my eyes. As he did he saw another pair of eyes pass in place of my eyes. He realized then it was a demon. He said, “I’m not going to banner words with you. I am not going to ask you your name. I don’t care what your name is. I command you to come out of, get off of, get away from my wife, Now! I command you to go back to the one that sent you and do to them what you were sent to do to my wife." Then I could speak to Garvin but the damage had already been done. After we talked a short while we fell asleep. When morning came, I could not talk any longer and since I couldn’t argue about not going to the ER in Alpine. He called the EMS that got me air lifted to Odessa to the Hospital because the enemy STOLE the ambulance that night so they couldn’t take me. Instead, Life Flight came and got me.

I had made a mistake and opened a gateway that made it possible for a demon to enter through sin. I have since repented and they have been unsuccessful in getting other gateways open as to this date 01/20/2022. This is why I live by the very words in the Bible and walked away from this crazy world. Satan tried to sift me and failed. When I first awoke in the hospital, I knew I was in a hospital. I didn’t know why. I was looking for my husband. Most importantly I knew without a doubt that I had been in Yehovah’s presence it was pure JOY! I did not know anything that had happened to me, not that they shaved off all my hair that was at my waistline, not even that I was tied to the bed, had 9 bags of stuff going into my neck and arms, or the blood drain from my brain was sitting on my shoulder or that I was missing part of my skull. I felt no pain! I did later that day say, Father I know I was in your presence, but I am hooked up to all these drugs.  I left the hospital 8 days from the day I entered. The very first night was at Garvin’s place in Pecos where he works. I awoke to the most beautiful experience of JOY and knowing I had been in the presence of Yehovah again! Out of my mouth I said “HaSatan petitioned the Courts of Heaven for my life and Yehovah said No! HalleluYAH! Yehovah hu ha Elohim!”  I then got online the best I could to contact prayer warriors to add to those that were already praying for me locally. This was not easy, I spent 3 days trying to copy from my cell phone to Garvin’s cell phone and finally I asked him about it. I was abundantly blessed to have recovered. I was showered by favor, mercy, and grace. Believers were put in my path to help me recover. I am eternally grateful and thankful for all the prayer warriors and especially to Yehovah and his son Yeshua!

The demon gave me a major brain bleed that only happens when you are in a severe car accident. I was not in any car accident. I had no physical signs of trauma on the outside and I was at home at the time. Still today Doctors cannot explain why I had a brain bleed, but we know the truth. Even my skull was not impacted, not crushed, or cracked… nothing. I did not have a stroke, a heart attack, a seizure, or an aneurysm; nothing. The doctors cut off 1/4 of my skull on the left side to allow my brain to expand. They drained the 3cm thick pool of blood that was pushed my brain over 5cm that is almost to the point of snapping the brain stem.

The Doctors told my husband I may not live, then I would need a nursing home to hopefully recover and for him to not expect a full recovery. In the beginning I was not able to use my right hand to eat, I could not speak correctly, I mixed up words, used incorrect words, I could not walk without a walker for months. Nor could I remember the events of the week prior to my hospitalization.

For three months I didn't have a complete skull, just skin sewed over the area where my skull was missing. As of my last CT scan my brain has not quit centered yet.

Praise Yehovah! I have recovered 100% within 7 months from the initial injury. Even through all the pain, suffering and great expense which we cannot pay, I forgive them all, each and every one of them. I have even tried ministering to them about making the right choice. Choosing Messiah by renouncing and denouncing Satan. I will not give up on them. Why? 1st We are commanded to love our Neighbors as ourselves. 2nd We are to love our Enemies.  3rd We were freely given Love, Mercy, and Compassion. Should we not give this in return to those who desperately need it? I did not deserve the love, mercy, and compassion I received when I was walking in sin, but I am so thankful that I did. It changed my life. Now I can share this with those that are walking in sin, so that they have a chance to make a new choice for eternal life.

You might be thinking what sin, what is sin? The Bibles definition of sin as the transgression to Yehovah’s Torah.

It is my sincere hope and mission to bring as many people as possible to Yeshua, to walk in Torah with me, even those that tried to kill me just a year ago.

May the Shalom of our Master Yeshua/Jesus be with all that love him and obey him.


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Nahir G 2 yrs

May Yehovah protect you and yours and your friend’s with his ruach! In the name of Yeshua ha’Masiach.

PS We’re surrounded by such people as well. But I believe in Yah’s protection, for all of us that are not in that Satanic circle. They know their days are numbered.

Baruk you all!

Shannon Wood 2 yrs

This Is Incredible Sis! Please pray For My Family. I Follow HIS Ways But My Husband Doesn't And He's Now Trying To teach The Children Anti-torah