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One of the best things we, as moms, wives, and most importantly, believers in the God of the Bible, can do is to get in our Bibles daily. To this end, I create a monthly verse list to help you get in Scripture. I am a strong believer in the benefits of not only reading, but copying the verses to help with focus, retention, and understanding. Each month, I select passages of Scripture that will help you grow as a believer. Rather than just opening your Bible and pointing randomly at the page, you will have direction as you sit down with your Bible.

Since copying Scripture into something beautiful is so much more desirable than a plain notebook, I now offer a delightful themed copywork booklet for you to use each month.

The professionally printed paperback notebooks measure 6×9 inches. They are a perfect size to keep with your Bible to study the passages throughout the month. You will find the full list of verses at the front of the book, followed by 2-page spreads for each passage. There is plenty of space to copy all the verses, add your own study notes, and even track prayer requests for the month.

**BONUS You will also receive a laminated Scripture bookmark with your copywork book each month!

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