I've covered a lot of other Laws that show up before the Law was given to Moses, but I didn't show the Sabbath. It was part of Creation Week. One of the things that God did in the Beginning.

When we read later on and the commands are given about the Sabbath, they even mention Creation Week as a reference to this day. It is the 4th commandment of the 10. There is a lot of importance around it.

A lot of folks will quickly point out that there is no mention of anyone keeping the Sabbath after this account in Genesis until it is given in Exodus. But, do we need that? Other things in Creation Week are not mentioned again until later books, does that make them less true? The command to be fruitful and multiply was given to humans and animals. There are no other callouts that the animals actually obeyed and multiplied. We assume they did based on the fact we have so many different animals still with us today.

We even have examples in Genesis of righteous people. What standard are those people being held to that they are called righteous? Specifically Enoch and Noah? Wouldn't resting when God said to rest be one of those things these two did?

Something to think about.


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The Straight + Narrow - The Law Before The Law: The Sabbath

The Straight + Narrow - The Law Before The Law: The Sabbath

The Law Before The Law: The Sabbath