Some irritating yes-or-no questions from a survey by Dr. Ben Carson:

"Do you believe that Religious Liberty is an important cornerstone to American society and must be upheld and protected?"

"Should Americans have the right to decline to provide or offer services that violate or contradict their religious convictions?"

"Should Americans holding to faith-based values, and who wish to conduct their lives according to their faith, be targets for political activists to be dragged through the legal system?"

Thankfully these did not require an answer for the survey to be submitted.

There are plenty of faith-based religious convictions that should be illegal to follow, such as human sacrifice.
Especially in this age we must be specific in our terms: the law of Yahweh must rule, and not be ruled over. This is the only moral basis for judging whether false moral convictions should be merely rebuked ("religious freedom"), or if further intervening is justly necessary (biblical criminal law).