What's in the logo?

What's the meaning behind the TTN logo?

It has taken quite a bit of thinking and planning to come up with the new logo design and we believe that it was wisdom from Father that made it possible, as the answer came so clearly for the final design.


In our thinking we tried to address a few items:

  1. How could we represent the belief of the Torah community, our faith in Father and Yeshua?
  2. How can the logo become a talking point with non-believers?
  3. It must be easily recognisable and unique.
  4. It must be easy to draw when explaining it to someone.
  5. The meaning must be clear.
  6. The logo would have to look good in mono colour and when it is small like in a favicon.

Some designs where based around the number 3, others on 6 and 7; 12 was even briefly discussed.  We believe Father shows His will through numbers, but it would be difficult not to read into the logo something which wasn't there. (As you can imagine, in today's world with so much symbolism hidden in logos, it is sometimes difficult not to read something into a logo that isn't there, or not to see what is actually right in front of our eyes.)


After a few iterations, we got stuck and had to go back to basics.  Our questions started with: how does Father describe Himself?

The Aleph and Tav!

That was it!!!  Our synapses really started firing and we were drawn towards the paleo Hebrew letters for aleph and tav.  These look very similar and forms a cross at the same time.

Aleph and Tav

Yes, as with any hand written text, people may write it with different variances; we are therefore using an approximation of how it can be written. 

This logo was able to fulfill our requirements set out as we do not believe there is any better way to describe Father and therefore symbolize our belief in Him.

The logo is easy to draw, unique, recognizable, looks good in mono colour and when small; also if you are asked what it means then you should now be able to explain to someone and start a discussion with them about your beliefs.

Going forward

You will see the logo be used in different colours, each for a separate platform.  For instance, what has become known simply as TTN will now be branded as TTN Social with the following logo:

TTN Social logo



This rebranding will allow us to launch different platforms under the same recognizable umbrella logo with the cross emblem, but yet keeping them visually distinct from one another.

Rhy Bezuidenhout

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GidgetsMom 27 w

I recntly designed a logo for a grocery Im hoping to open, based on Scriptural business rules. I ended up with a rainbow between "Yahzway" and "Zero Waste Bulk Food". The rainbow is highly abused in this town of Sodom. I wanted to reclaim it. I wanted to put a dove with it or border it with olive branches, but I no longer have my clipart collection. I love the way Yah inspires us to create!