Living in the Path of Totality

The preachers telling you that the sun is a “sign” still refuse to recognize what the Scriptures say the sun is a sign of or what it is to signal for… <br> <br>So why are you listening them?

With so much hype over the eclipse today and so many moronic predictions by messy-anic internet preachers we thought we’d just take a moment to point out the important things about this celestial event.

First of all for those of you listening raptly to the raving lunatics predicting the rapture this afternoon, remember how wrong your thoughts were tomorrow. And remember which ruinous religious figureheads were filling your heads will fluff, and leave them behind when we’re all still here in the morning.

And for all the lunatics predicting this as a sign of the end times because the path of totality passes through seven cities named Nineveh and forms the sign of Aleph and Tav across the continent, would you kindly keep quiet the next time you have a thought run through your head please and thank you.

Nothing in existance has even functioned in the fashion of this fear-mongering. No part of faith ever has in all history. Yes, the Savior said there would be signs in the heavens. That does not mean the ordinary occupancies of the heavenly bodies that appear less often than every day. Eclipses happen. They are part of the natural process. Not miraculous. Not momentous. Not fatidic. Just events that take place less often than most things.

That said the shadow forms more like an ampersand than an aleph tav anyway. And what on earth would possess someone to say that the shape of a shadow should matter at all? Do you look for “Jesus” in your tortillas and “Saint Paul” on your waffles?

How could we possibly think that seven cities named Nineveh in the path of totality could matter in the minutest detail? Did you know there are three different towns in New England all named “Satan’s Kingdom”? Should we make assumptions about the denizens of these different places and cast aspersions on them based on the names of the towns they live in? Are they all satanic because of this? Are they actually servants of the enemy and citizens of his domain? No we wouldn’t think that. We may wonder why some fool (times three) named his town “Satan’s Kingdom” but we would not act irrationally about such matters…

…so why do we loose our collective heads when there’s an eclipse?

You should ask yourself also why you are listening to preachers who do not listen to the Creator when He told us what the Sun and Moon are actually signs for…

YHWH said that these are set in the sky to mark off “othot, moedim, yomim, and shanaim”. Usually translated as “signs, seasons, days, and years.”
But that is not all of what they mean.

YHWH Almighty set the sun and moon to measure His Sabbaths, His Holy Days, His Sabbatical Years, and His Jubilees.

But the preachers telling you that the sun is a sign still refuse to recognize what the Scriptures say the sun is a sign of or what it is to signal for.

So why are you hearing them on this matter? These preachers are so sure their “Lord” destroyed His sacred appointments with His people by sacrificing His “Son” for us…but the Bible says that these sacred appointments are so important that they are measured by the sun and moon.

These Appointments are set by no less than the movements of the celestial bodies themselves. That means these sacred appointments were built into the Creation itself long before ever they were explained to men upon the earth

…and yet your preachers teaching you to fear the ordinary eclipse are saying to you that you should not watch these same celestial objects for when and how to celebrate the divinely appointed times of your Creator.

For far too long we’ve been listening to lying minds on most important matters, and it is high time we leave them all behind and learn better. Time we better learn how to think and believe, how better to reason and perceive. Too long we have been living in the path of totality and ignoring the light we were given long ago.

Don’t let ijits in positions of authority eclipse your powers of reason.

Think for yourself.

Think, don’t feel.

And when their folly proves itself, leave them behind and behave better in the future.

Question Everything

Caleb Lussier

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