Israel & Your Place In It

The Most High promised long before the 13 tribes even entered the land of Israel that when they sinned and were exiled, He would remember and restore them…and that’s not just the Jews…

No matter what Judaism says, and despite the claims of Christianity, Israel has 13 tribes.


Though Levi was allowed no land inheritance and was never numbered in the military census (being allocated to the Temple service) they are never the less a 13th tribe of Israel equal to the rest.

And no matter what manner of excuses may be expressed by Christianity and Judaism alike Israel includes many many more people than just the Jews.

Those who are modern day Jews descend in a long long line from the three tribes of Levi, Benjamin and Judah. No Jew is or has ever being a member of the other ten tribes: Reuben, Simeon, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, Ephraim, and Manasseh.

(With the possible exception of conversion to or from Judaism.)

Following the death of Solomon, during the reign of his son Rehoboam, the Nation of Israel was rent in two. The 10 northern tribes became the Kingdom of Israel (also called Ephraim), and the 3 southern tribes became the Kingdom of Judah (though still remaining Israel aswell).

In roughly 722 B.C. Assyrian destroyed the northern kingdom and dragged off its inhabitants into exile, never to return.

In roughly 586 B.C. Babylon destroyed the southern kingdom and dragged off its inhabitants into exile for approximately 70 years.

Indeed, until the time of the Messiah all that remained of Israel were those 3 tribes, the rest having been cut off and cast out for their countless evils…but though Messiah, the Way, the Door, the Resurrection and the Life, the impossible was made possible and the words of the prophets proved true. The other tribes can and are being restored.

The dry bones are rattling indeed…not like churchianity thinks where their Greco-Roman, Anglo-Saxon “Jesus” abandons his chosen nation of Israel and replaces them with a fictitious gentile entity called “the church”. But instead as the prophets foretold, that those whose fathers’ fathers’ fathers’ fathers (etc) were of those Lost Tribes, may be given a place in His holy Nation here and now and once again.

Long before the 13 tribes ever even entered into the promised land, long long before they fractured into 2 distinct kingdoms, and long long long before they were conquered, dispersed, and dissolved into the foreign peoples of the earth, YHWH gave us this solemn promise.

And He is making good upon it, even as we speak.

If you want a place among His people, a home in His holy Nation, and room in His covenant, all you need do is leave behind all the made up designations and distractions of religion in this and every age.

Remember the promise offered to you. Remember the blood that bought you. Accept the grace the Savior gave you, and enter into His Covenant.

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Caleb Lussier

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