Called Out Assembly

We weren’t called out to be a Church. We were called out to be set apart, to live differently.

If our lives are to be rightly aligned with the Above and we are to be able to walk uprightly upon The Way here Below, we must, however painful it may be to leave, remove ourselves from the Rabbit Trail we’ve so far been travelling down, that Red Herring, that Strawman called The Church.

YHWH never showed us such a path as that. He spoke of old about The Way, and He sent His agents to expound upon it through the ages. And finally in these last days He sent His own “Son”, His very Word made flesh to Walk out this Way before us and to lead us in it.

Yahshua, the Word of YHWH is this Way and leads upward upon the Way. He established nothing new but only restored something old. And improved upon it…not by addition nor subtraction but by demonstration.

Despite the desperate claims of the Church, Yahshua the King Messiah never established a Church. Infact “church” wasn’t even a word till the 12th century AD.

As is so often the way of things in the West, “church” is a British construct. The concept bounced back and forth between the Scottish and the English for a while starting as “Kuriakos”, a 4th century colloquialism for what was then called “Ecclessia”, itself only a 2nd century Greek replacement for “Kehillah” which is one of the original terms used of those who followed The Way.

The lying pen of the scribes worked its magic to replace kehillah with ecclessia because both denote a “called out assembly”.

Of course much like the term “Christ” in relation to “Messiah”, being only seemingly synonymous on the surface, so too, ecclessia and kehillah were aswell.

A kehillah is an assembly or fellowship, the Kehillah HaDerechk (Fellowship of the Way) was a called out assembling yes. But it was “called out” in the sense of a divine calling of the Most High. It is a calling to come out of the pagan people and live differently.

Contrariwise, the ecclessia was historically a political assembly, where the people were called to come out of their homes and businesses by the government authority to hear the laws and ordinances read and the penalties proclaimed.

The difference is night and day.

And so ecclesia replaced kehillah as the assembly became Greco-Roman dominant and in time the colloquial term “kyriakos” won out over it in general use in the West, as colloquialisms most often do. And kyriakos, as is most often the way in the West, was shortened and shortened, till it became the Scottish “kirk” and the English “church”.

But not only did the words devolve but moreso, the concept and purpose and identity of the assembly was diluted and diverted over time too.

But we are trying to get back to the beginning, are we not? Trying to go from this boggy pond water we’ve been stuck with, retracing its stream backward up and up and up to the fresh spring upon the mountain where it all began to break forth.

As was The Way of old, we must return to the mountain top today, to that fresh spring of life flowing from Mount Calvary and drink no more this church sludge that sickens our hearts and souls. The Father Almighty is calling His children to come out of the pagan people and live differently.

Return to the spring of living water and drink of that fresh and pure life, not the leftover poison at the end of the long stream.

We must come out of the Church and get her way of thinking out of ourselves aswell.

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Caleb Lussier

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