Those Who Presume to Teach Us

Only Follow Those Above You…Be Sure the One You Follow Stands on a Ladder Not a Pillar.

It has been said, “The picture you get depends on the artist you select.” And the same is so of teachers. Who our teachers are will largely determine who we become and who those later will become whom we will one day teach ourselves.

These days the internet has offered massive platforms and cosmic pulpit power to anyone and everyone with a big mouth and a small mind, and the most ignorant of ministers are given the biggest of megaphones.

Opinion reigns and objective truth is branded “opinion”. So, a word of caution…

Beware the loudest and proudest. Beware the trendiest and beware the trickiest.

If we crave truth over tradition we will be always cautious of those who presume to teach us, but greatest of all scrutiny is for those beneath us and those above us.

What do we mean by this, and do we mean to be mean by this?

Our peer we need not fear. He or she is of comparative education and experience, emotion and intellect…and above all our peer does not deign to teach us anything. He or she like us follows.

So the one to fear is the one who feels justified in being judge of his fellows. Not necessarily in the sense of condemnation but definitely in the sense of decision-making and declaring the will of the Master.

So who are those beneath us who teach us?

They are the ones who parrot the narrative and repeat what other preachers say. Those as practiced as us who set themselves above. These are infact beneath.

“Rise so high. In mud you lie.”

And who are those above us?

These are the learned men and women. The ones who took the time to study and strive to become somebody trained to teach. But what do they teach and why?

We must follow those above us but take care to note where they stand and how.

Those above us on a pedestal are going nowhere and thus leading us only to follow themselves. They are revolving the religion around their own knowledge, tradition, denomination, ministry, etc.

Contrariwise, one above us on a ladder is not our lord but our leader. He is going somewhere and leading us to follow not himself but the Master. And whereas the one atop the pedestal is intent on staying above the rest, the one upon the ladder is trying to help others rise aswell…

…and hopefully in time to surpass himself in The Way.

So take caution in who you follow. Note their position, their intention, and the platform upon which they preach from. Are they intending to keep you in your place and themselves in a position over you, or are they helping you to rise and hoping you go higher than themselves?

Question Everything

Caleb Lussier

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