When Irish Eyes Were Smiling

Before the Roman Church conquered and absorbed the Celtic Kirk, the one now known as “Saint Patrick” taught them Torah

While common folk, commemorate St. Patrick’s Day as an Irish heritage holiday, it is most important to remember that the man himself was never a saint, nor was his name rightly Patrick

…and he most certainly was not a Roman Catholic. 

The power of Rome had not yet in the fourth century conquered the Emerald Isle, nor yet even, the Christian Scots. While it is unclear as to which disciple reached the Celts and several legends lead in opposite directions, what is beyond doubt was that the earliest Roman Catholic missionaries arrived in Scotland and Ireland to find a thriving Christian community… But one which actually followed the “Christ” they had been taught about. 

The Celtic Kirk (not yet known as Church) called the Heavenly Father by His NAME. And they called His ‘Son’ by His Name. And to the best of their ability they kept the Sabbath day, and all the Holy Days of the Scriptures. 

The Celtic Kirk was among the last holdouts in the western world to be conquered by the Roman Church, holding out for nearly 100 years. They eat the foods the Bible calls clean, and they refused the celebrations the book forbids. They were Torah, observant to the best of their ability, and taught others to be likewise. 

In all of “church history” the Celtic Christians were among the greatest Calvarians that ever were…until Rome had her way eventually. 

Throughout his life, Maewyn Succat, the man who would become known in death as Saint Patrick, butted heads with Rome and the Romish ways. Sadly, however, as it has been said, “time is is the ally of deceit”, and without Maewyn walking the world and telling the opposite story, Rome owned his legacy and rewrote his story as they so often did with any who resisted them. 

The Roman church learned early on that what they could not eradicate they must absorb, adopting and adapting it to themselves. 

And so Rome received the deceased Celtic Christian, who opposed her in life, and in death dubbed him a saint of their own chicanery.… 

And then they sold him back to the people as their own true Champion, who drove the “snakes” out of Ireland and taught the Irish people the Trinitarian tradition through the use of the shamrock. But such was not the case. 

The one we know, as Saint Patrick was a sanitarian. To the best of his ability throughout his days, he taught the 10 Commandments in their fullness. He taught conformity to the Torah in all its facets. And he taught The Way of righteousness in the worship of YHWH Almighty in truth. 

So if you aren’t remembering this great man today, maybe you should be. And if you are remembering your Irish heritage at this time give a thought to what heritage was ours most anciently…and reclaim it. 

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Caleb Lussier

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