Time For the Wanna-Be Prophets to Apologize

All those predicting the rapture at the time of the eclipse and all those following blindly.

If you were one of the ones predicting the rapture yesterday, then you need to fall on your knees and repent today.

If you were making blind assertions based on the movement of the sun and moon but not obeying their Maker, then beg for forgiveness.

Were you establishing in arbitrary associations between the path of talotality and the signs of the end times? Were you attaching significance to what cities it passed over, but only selective ones that shaped your narrative? Were you prooftexting Scripture to make it seem to say what you have said in your twisted heart?

If any of this was you yesterday, the apologize and dummy up today.

With a large platform comes and enormous amount of responsibility. You can’t always get it right but you can reason rightly always.

And if you were one of the ones following these nonsensical hysterics today is the day to self assess, repent, and repair your mind to think better.

Be skeptical and quizzical.

Wonder why a preacher is so preoccupied with predicting the end times but very unconcerned with preparing his audience to face it.

Wonder why you are listening to people who present their theory and use the Bible as back up? (The Bible is the presentation not the backup.)

Wonder why this person is qualified to talk of prophetic matters, but not willing to walk like a prophet.

Wonder. Enquire. Investigate.

If you have time to watch these preachers, you have to to check their words.

Question Everything

Caleb Lussier

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