When Is Passover

A Month ago…but don’t beat anyone up over it.

Yes Passover was a month ago. Not today. The Scriptures tell us to celebrate it on the evening of the 14th day of the 1st month as it becomes the 15th.

But how do we know when the first month begins? Is it by calculation? Is it by rabbinic tradition?

No. No matter what we do these days, we will be following a tradition. It is inescapable, but what we can and must escape is the tradition of the rabbis.

The ancient tradition to recognize the beginning of the new year is by looking for the barley in Israel to be green, and looking to the barley not to be green prior to the new moon, but looking at it with a view to the temple to be ready for the requirement of the wave shief offering.

This year everything was ready for a new year a month and a half ago. But many in the Messy-anic Movement are still following the rabbinic Jewish calendar which is a calculated calendar rather than a biblical calendar.

Their tradition this year required a 13th month no matter what the biblical conditions for measuring the start of the new year happened to be. Everything was ready a month and a half ago to begin the new year, but the rabbis’ calendar was not ready so they delayed the start of the year by an artificial month.

So if you are celebrating the passover today, it is the wrong day. This is not an opinion. It takes an opinion to move the Passover according to a Jewish calendar rather than the biblical calendar.

That said… take this not as condemnation, but as a moment of instruction. And an opportunity for correction. This is an opportunity to adjust. If you missed the Passover at the right time, there is an opportunity for the second Passover, which would be taking place approximately this time anyway. But it is a Passover for having missed the proper one rather than the proper one itself.

Observe it today, but learn better in the future. Challenge your teachers who tell you to follow blindly a rabbinic Calendar the way other teachers used to tell us to follow a church calendar. It matters little which traditions we adopt if they are not the traditions of our ancient Israelite brethren from the Bible.

And if you are someone who is not celebrating the Passover today, either the first Passover or the second Passover, be kind to those who do not know better. Inform them if you can do so gracefully, and if they are open to listening. If not then leave them be in peace.

If they are trying to do everything properly, then applaud them for what proper things they do do. For those who have given up the church traditions of Easter and embrace the Passover, even if it is on the wrong day applaud them for their step in the right direction…

Except for those who are the teachers. There is no excuse for the teachers to not know better. We would not give our school teachers any commendation for teaching a subject they do not know. We would give them condemnation because they put themselves in a position to share knowledge they did not possess and put themselves in the position of the one who should have been there.

The teachers are without excuse. So give them none but give much leniency to their students.

Question Everything

Caleb Lussier

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