The Way (Which They Call a Sect)

Judaism? Christianity? No. The Way is neither.

Yahshua the Messiah never founded a new religion. He never established a “church”. He never sent out “apostles” to turn people against the former things unto a thing never before seen or heard.

Instead He was restoring The Way, which was of old. The Way which was made in the Beginning. The Way that was followed by Adam and Noah, by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Way which Moses taught us and foretold about Messiah bringing to pass.

The Way was simply the Instructions of YHWH Elohim, our Heavenly Father, for how His Creation was intended to function and how we, His people are to function within it. The Way is life and truth and blessing that is offered all who follow it. The Way is exemplified in Messiah Himself. How He lived and lives and will when He returns.

The Way was not Judaidm, though it began as a sect of Judaism. And The Way is not Christianity, though it devolved quickly into Christianity in a very short time.

In short, The Way was the ancient nation of Israel, made of thirteen tribes (yes 13 -count them), divided into 2 nations after the death of Solomon 10 tribes to the north and 3 to the south. In time, the northern 10 being conquered and scattered and lost to history. And the 3 southern ones remaining more-or-less intact until the first century when Yahshua walked the earth. The Way He taught and was (and is) was judaism certainly…but not intent on staying that way. Was it begining a new religion? No. It was becoming again an old one remade. The Way was calling those other ten tribes back again from oblivion. The Way was acting the part of a seed planted in the world to regrow the tree that was chopped down. Or a grafting-in of branches cropped off to rejoin the tree of Israel again.

Alas what happened instead of a grafting back in was a planting of those cut off branches to stand on their own, to grow “apart from” rather than “a part of” that original tree. What ended up was the branches became their own tree and declared themselves the chosen nation supplanting the first.

Judaism wanted to be all and the only Israel, rather than a remnant restoring her list kin. And Christianity wanted Judaism to be Israel and a thing no longer of note in the mind of the Most High. They took from Judaism the right to rule and removed from them the promises of the Almighty superimposing those instead upon a fictitious identity they evolved into over the centuries- the entity called “The Church”.

So what are we supposed to be Today? Jewish? No. That was never the goal. That was just all that remained of a greater nation.

Are we then to be Christian? No. That was the foreign followers of a reimagined version of the Messiah without any of His requirements, teachings, actions, or instructions.

What are we then to be? What we were in the beginning - followers of The Way. We are to learn from Yahshua. What He said. What He did. And How He walked out the Word of the Father Almighty in this world.

Everything else is a distortion or distraction or both.

Question Everything

Caleb Lussier

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