Messianic Reminder

Speak the truth and do the truth but don’t worry who receives it.

Messianic Remember

You are only obligated to live the truth not to make others accept it. To speak and act like the Master but not to make others hear and see. We are duty bound to speak His Words and to walk in His steps. And in this way we will lead others to the Truth…if they are ready for it. Only if they are willing and able to follow after and ask the hard questions.

But that is our only requirement. It is not our responsibility nor our right to regulate the responses of others to the Truth we share.

Remember this in your discussions today and every day: the onus is not on you to open the eyes and to inspire obedience in others.

All we have to do is speak the truth and do the truth and both in a manner which will encourage others to enquire after the honest offer.

And not even necessarily now. We are hoping for the future of our fellows. What words can we say that will sink deep in the heart and sprout in due season? What deeds can we do that will develop in the rich, dark soil of a heathen heart, taking root and coming to life in days, weeks, months, or even years to come.

Remember we are playing the long game, and we are, like our Heavenly Father, playing for hearts.

We may well win an argument today. We can truly put some foolish losers in their place. We can beat them wih facts and information they are ignorant of and shut them up and show them they are wrong…but how will this help them? How will this do more than make them plant both feet firmly upon the proven falsehood for pride and ego?

It is not our obligation to force the truth upon others who aren’t ready to receive it, however we can help our fellows to escape the lies they’ve made for their lives if we focus on the truth itself and delivering it in an honest manner. Maybe it will still be rejected forever. But at least then we have made a way, an open door for our friends to walk through whenever they are ready…though it may be decades later.

So remember: you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. And you can’t force a gift into a closed fist.

All that is on you is the offer and the means of offering. Offer truth. And offer it truthfully….and leave the outcome for the Father.

Question Everything

Caleb Lussier

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